Landscaping Supplies

Interlocking Stone

We are the areas west end distributor for Bolduc and Permacon, carrying a full line of retaining wall and paving stones to complete any yard project you may be planning.

To see the full selection of stone you can visit the manufacturers web sites. BOLDUC.CA & PERMACON.CA


Bulk Soils

Our yard consists of a variety of soil mixes, mulches, and compost. Our soils are screened and mixed on site, and are excellent for any job from grading to flower beds, vegetable gardens or topdressing the lawn. All materials are available by pickup or delivery.

Screened Top Soil - $40 per Cubic Yard

Reid's "Premium Black" - $60 per Cubic Yard

Reid's "3 in 1 mix Soil" - $65 per Cubic Yard

Mushroom Compost - $75 per Cubic Yard

Bulk Aggregates

We carry a full line of aggregate from gravel, sand, stone dust, and clear stone, to decorative pea stone and river stone. 

Pea Stone - $135 per Cubic Yard

1" - 2" Riverwash Stone - $135 per Cubic Yard

5/8" Gravel (Granular A) - $45 per Cubic Yard

Stonedust - $40 per Cubic Yard

Sand - $55 per Cubic Yard

3/4" Clear Stone - $60 per Cubic Yard

Premium Bedding Stone - $70 per Cubic Yard

Bulk Mulch

Mulch is commonly applied to flower beds, around the base of trees and to line walking paths, but it does a lot more than liven up landscape - it provides added benefits to your plants. Mulch retains moisture, keeps the roots insulated and allows water to seep slowly into the ground. As mulch decomposes over time it provides additional nutrients for the soil. Mulch is also a natural weed suppressor. It won't completely rid your garden of weeds, but it’s a great option to reduce the maintenance. 

Composted Pine Mulch - $80 per Cubic Yard

Natural Cedar Mulch - $65 per Cubic Yard

Chocolate Brown Cedar Mulch - $70 per Cubic Yard

Black Cedar Mulch - $70 per Cubic Yard


Not able to haul your own? No problem, we can deliver! From small loads of 1 cubic yard to full truckloads. Call to inquire about our rates.

Return Policy
All returns must be accompanied by the original receipt. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase date.
The return of any interlock or retaining wall product will be subject to inspection of condition and will incur a 20% handling fee.
Our interlock pallets are subject to a $40.00 charge per pallet with a $35.00 refund when returned in good condition.

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